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“Meditating during the challenge has resulted in a greater sense of peace, acceptance and well–being for me. Ten to thirty minutes in the morning made a huge difference in my ability to self–regulate throughout the day. Thank you Alan for doing this!”

~ Rhonda L., Berkeley, CA

“The meditation course with Alan was a pleasure, a respite, and opened me up to noticing things about myself that were sitting in plain sight. I feel happier, more aware, and more noticing of the joyful in my everyday life.”

~ Katie J., Cleveland, OH

DOUBLE 100% Life Transformation Guarantee: Your Money Back No Questions Asked: Try it for a month and get your money back. Plus, if at ANY TIME whatsoever you don’t find that your life has changed A LOT, or if you don’t find this new experience of feeling alive is worth many times your small investment of the price of a few sips of coffee a day, you can cancel any time and not be re–billed. In fact, for any reason you can simply login, cancel your account with a click any time, and never have to cancel directly with me. It’s instant, with no explanation necessary. There’s zero risk and you’ll never get the runaround.

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