Go Deeper into Meditation

Set Off a Natural Cascade

of the Hidden Human Potentials in You

and Get Rooted in Presence and Peace

Variety and adventure is often missing in mindfulness, but not in Meditation Forest where you learn how to sink deep roots by following your own natural feelings that attract you effortlessly into deep meditation.  

     Meditation Forest is now opening for new members, and Alan Klima will be offering a full step-by-step program to teach you the direct, organic practices of awakening being in a forest full of meditation courses covering everything a passionate person needs to deepen their focus and get a consistent practice in place.

and step into the organic meditation process that takes you

into a whole new experience of feeling alive.

Here's What Others Have Experienced with Alan:

     "The meditation course with Alan was a pleasure, a respite, and opened me up to noticing things about myself that were sitting in plain sight. I feel happier, more aware, and more noticing of the joyful in my everyday life.”

Catherine J.
Cleveland, OH

          "Since starting my meditation practice with Alan, my life has become more peaceful, more enjoyable. Meditating with Alan has taught me to see things in a different way: to know life can be lived with a form of kindness towards oneself and others that I had forgotten was there. Being present in what I’m doing now, knowing that nothing can break what I feel deep inside, allows me to be happy, to be content with things as they are. This does not mean giving up on my life aspirations or not facing difficulties, it just means being able to be present for my life and celebrating what is here now."

Mariana S.
London, England

          "Alan's teaching has created a different kind of space in my life. It provides a place where I can distance myself from my negative thoughts, a space from which I can start to look at things differently, calmly, kindly. This often helps me be more at peace with myself and those around me."

Kora T.
Chapel Hill, NC

          "My best and deepest meditation experience ever. This teaching was the best gift life has given me. I hope everyone gets the chance to be open to receiving it too."

Will G.
Port Douglass, Australia

          Meditating during the challenges has resulted in a greater sense of peace, acceptance, and well-being for me. Ten to thirty minutes in the morning made a huge difference in my ability to self-regulate throughout the day. Thank you Alan for doing this!"

Rhonda L.
Berkely, CA

          This was the push I needed to stop wanting to meditate and actually start trying it out! Alan's approach is clear, engaging and gentle, and I was happy to start to experience the deep effects instantly, even while in the very beginning stages of learning.”

Mary  J.
Reno, NV

Full Access Subscription to Meditation Forest 

A Private Learning and Practice Portal

     Unlimited access to guided meditations, special topic mini-courses, video trainings, step-by-step meditation challenges, and more.

     You can meditate every day, or cycle through our targeted flexible habit systems and take some space to watch how it shows up in your every day life. For extra motivation it keeps track of your progress and keeps a record for you of your accomplishments.

     Most of all, it's a place to set up your new home-base that keeps attention coming home to its heart.

Private Community for Discussion and Connection

"Daily or almost daily contact with others who are also meditating was really helpful"   ~ Maria S.

"It's a group I can take refuge in concretely. It helps me feel more confident about practice in the midst of disruptions"   ~ Emily, J

"I love that I don't have to do it alone without the guidance and support."    ~ Zara J.

"We discuss a range of topics and can all share our minds with each other."   ~ Jorge L.

"We keep each other motivated, help one another realize that we all face challenges and support each other where we can."     ~ Lisa, R.

Talk to Alan and discuss the teachings in details. Share Your Experiences, Ask Your Questions Anytime, and Get Encouragement in the Community "Hearth"

     Group implementation and practice keeps you on track, while you can engage online with other Residents of the Forest in this supportive community. As you go through your journey, you'll be able to connect with others to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the core of your awakening being. So much extra power comes when you're not doing it all on your own.

Basic Training Area 

Get Started On The Right Foot

        With essential trainings every meditator should review and beginners can use to ensure they can progress with complete confidence.

          Eliminate counter-productive tendencies early so that your meditation takes off right away.

          Everything you need to get started with a foundation of meditation rooted in your organic nature.

          Covers basic breathing techniques, body scans, and the main interior subtle dimensions of meditation, all with the special twist that organic living meditation brings to these subjects so that you are not learning rote, mechanical motions but launching your practice with living power.

HeartCenter Area 

     Your Own Meditation GPS and Dashboard

          One of the first powers you will unleash is finding your own groove in meditation, and the heartcenter is where you come to reconnect with that.

          Here is where you can choose your path or follow along with the guided adventure with Alan.

          You'll see what's in the news at the Forest of Meditation, and see where you left off, what people have been talking about, and more...

          You can come and practice daily, weekly, many times a day, or whatever fits your particular style of a mindful lifestyle. You'll always feel connected and on track.

Come Discover YOUR Organic Path to Awakening Being

and finally find yourself rooted in your presence and peace


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          I found that through this journey, I was able to listen to my body and thoughts. More importantly, I came to the realization that even when my mind seems to be thinking of a million different thoughts, I can remain calm and without feeing the need to keep thinking them or act on any of those thoughts."

Tara L. 
Eugene, OR

          Alan's style of meditation is a really great way to begin. Making a regular habit has been really hard for me but I did it this time and by the 10th day I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.”

Martin  K. 
Albany, NY

          I liked the feeling of everyone doing this activity together-apart, and learned a lot about the variety of experiences of meditation and what it can be good for. For my own part, I think this experience helped me gain a sense of calm in my work day with much less drama and flailing than I've had in the past. This translated into my family life as well. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to have a calm conversation with my partner on a subject which I've never yet been able to discuss without a lot of emotional upset.”

Marion S. 
Boston, MA

          The best gift of meditation with Alan has been a new life without fear. I remember from very early age being constantly afraid of many things in life, from concrete ones like being bullied at school to very abstract ones like failing to achieve my dreams. With time, fear became second nature to me, so I accommodated it somehow. But after I began my practice with Alan I was able to break down my fear into smaller thinking bits that come and go without much affect. Becoming aware of fearful thoughts, knowing that they aren’t greater than me, and they can only dwell for a short while in my mind, changed my life completely.  Life feels different, more quiet and peaceful, less blurry and intimidating. I still freak out from time to time, but fear has little traction now. I am deeply grateful to Alan for pointing me to a much profounder experience of myself.

Marc V. 
Woodland, CA

Special Bonuses

          You can imagine that launching something as big as this has a lot of moving parts! You can imagine how helpful it would be to have some people get settled in early. So I'm very grateful for the members who sign up today, before the deadline. And, I want you to be 10,000% sure about your choice!

The 8-Day Fast Track Meditation Challenge 

Get Started Right with a Quick and Thorough Immersion in Organic Mindfulness

As the first denizens of the Forest of Meditation, I'll lead you in a first group challenge to connect together and use our special online meditation challenge portal to take a look into the 8 dimensions of meditation that give you a thorough range of experience to explore.

We'll get on the phone for an extra coaching sessions and Q & A as well, only for early founding members!

The Snap Out of Thinking Meditation Group Challenge 

This special topic class is a deep dive into the Snap Out of Thinking Method, with a brand new series of guided meditations created specifically for the 4 Step Method, further in-depth instruction, all in a our special Meditation Forest Challenge Format.

And we'll meet up in real time for another Q & A Dialogue Session on the Snap Out of Thinking Method too!

         NOTE: Meditation Forest is closed to new members periodically. This is a great chance to get in now while spots remain open! 

               see you in in there!

               Alan :)


$39.99 per month

$19.97 / month

join the group

Get Started Now

Best Value

$197 per 6 months

$97 / 6 months

join the group

Save 20% Off the Monthly!